Optivida Health – Nano-Silver Sol Lozenges 60PPM – Fast-Acting Cough Drops with Lemon Oil, Organic Honey and Organic Peppermint Oil for Immune Support – 21 Individually Wrapped Pieces

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  • NANO-SILVER DROPS: Our lozenges are made with patented nano-silver molecules. Unlike colloidal silver, our silver is a new generation of silver with much higher effectiveness.
  • NATURAL FLAVOR: Our nano-silver lozenges were made with organic honey, lemon, and peppermint oil for a sweet, soothing flavor.
  • EFFECTIVE REMEDY: These hard drops can kill pathogens in the mouth, throat, and digestive tract. They target 143 disease-causing microorganisms, leading to a healthier immune system and more energy.
  • SMALL & PORTABLE: Each lozenge comes individually wrapped, so you can take them with you on the go. Place them inside your purse, handbag, satchel, or backpack while traveling for instant relief.
  • SAFE TO USE: These cough drops can be taken by anyone, including children, the elderly, and women during pregnancy. They can also be used along with prescribed or over-the-counter antibiotics.

Product Description

A lot of lozenges on the market today can only soothe a sore throat for a short time and can't stop the infection at its source. Our Nano-Silver Lozenges can not only soothe and calm your throat but also boost your immune system by eliminating pathogens. Our cough drops start acting within minutes of exposure, destroying 143 pathogens, like bacteria, viruses, fungi, and mold, that can weaken your immune system and slow down your recovery. Our patented solution of nano-silver contained inside each lozenge can kill active pathogens in multiple ways, making it far more effective than colloidal silver remedies. As a bonus, removing these pathogens from your system can boost your overall energy. There are no artificial ingredients used in the making of these lozenges. The sweet, candy-like flavor comes from the natural organic honey and lemon and peppermint oil. These lozenges are essential for when the seasons start to change and colds and sore throats become more common and start to spread. These drops are safe for both kids and adults to use to support their body's natural recovery. Whether its a small bug, the flu, a sinus infection, a coughing fit, drainage, or a dry throat that just doesn't seem to go away, our lozenges can cool down your burning throat while also killing most of the viral and bacterial invaders. Purchase a box our Nano-Silver Lozenges today and give your body the boost it needs during the healing process.

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